We have an unparalleled “Private Equity” Approach to Value Creation

  • Capital Improvements

    Identity and Capital Improvements:

    • Improving irrigation systems
    • Tiling to help with drainage
    • Storage to help with marketing
    • Leveling uneven land to increase efficiency and yield

  • Farm Management: Operator and Lease Type

    Partner with Top Farming Talent and Utilize Optimal Leases:

    • Farmers with the newest and most efficient equipment and technology
    • Farmers who are experienced yet up to speed with latest techniques
    • Negotiate leases that optimize risk/return profile

  • Economies of Scale

    Identify Assets That Benefit:

    • Source deals from farmers who want to expand a well running operation and improve efficiency of neighboring parcels
    • Look for opportunities to purchase contiguous acreage

  • Crop Selection

    Develop Most Efficient Crop rotation:

    • Most soils where row crops are produced are capable of growing various crops and our team of Farm Managers are experienced in selecting the most profitable and efficient rotations
    • This also presents good buying opportunities where there are not taking full advantage of the capability of the farm because they don’t have expertise and knowledge of other crops

  • Government Programs

    Identify Opportunities to Benefit from Regulatory Knowledge and Government Network:

    • Understanding government subsidy programs for the things like crop insurance and capital improvements can help to improve farm profitability and risk management
    • Some government programs create other avenues for income generations (i.e. Land Conservation)